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Book Lover Gifts for Valentines Day

The Ultimate Gift List for Book Lovers and Literary Geeks

Cupid is getting ready to strike and you need a gift for your significant other this February 14th. If he or she loves books then this list will give you lots of options to find the perfect literary inspired gift for them. One that shows you care AND YOU LISTEN when they are talking about their favourite book. I have compiled this gift list to hopefully help you find the perfect present for your friend, spouse or loved one.

There is a little bit of something for everyone on my Gift List. Romantic literary inspired gifts such as personalised origami roses. Ones for modern readers and traditionalists. Present lists for specific authors like Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Alphabet Prints of your favourite novels.

Links to all the products mentioned are below the images.

As one of my favourite quotes says “A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

gifts for book lovers literary book pencils by six0six design

Jane Austen 

Jane Austen is the quintessential romantic novelist. Her work, through many incarnations on both television and cinema, has reached an audience far beyond her books. But her books are where the magic lies. The words, the world she evokes and the turns of phrase. Her novels are set in a world romantic courtship and genteel ladies with strong backbones that meet their soulmates across ballrooms and dance floors. Here at six0six design I turned my love of her books into a range of stationery. Pencils, cards and confetti. Currently in the range are two of her most popular novels.

Pride and Prejudice 

Sometimes referred to as a novel of manners. Set in England in the early 19th Century the novel follows the story of the five Bennet sisters through love marriage and the social world of country houses and house calls. The joy of Pride and Prejudice is the words, the turns of phrase and back and forth between its lead protaganists. And so was born the quote pencils.

book lover gifts pride and prejudice gifts

Clockwise (L to R) 

1 – Pride and Prejudice Pencil Sets  

2 – ‘I was in the middle..’ Quote Card.’

3 – Personalised Pride and Prejudice Pencil Sets 

4 – ‘In vain have I struggled..’ Quote Card

Sense and Sensibility

Published anonymously in 1811 the novel tells the story centres on the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne. The story begins as they move to their new home with their widowed mother. They have fallen on hard times with the death of their father. The novel focuses on the relationship between the sisters and their journey through heartache and (spoiler alert) eventual happiness.

sense and sensibility gifts for book lovers

Top Sense and Sensibility Pencil Set 

Bottom Personalised Sense and Sensibility Pencil Set

Telling your Story

Whether with a personalised notebook, a beautiful keepsake necklace or a gift for the aspiring novelist I love how these gifts tell your story in their own unique way.

telling your story book lover gifts for valentines day

Clockwise: (L to R)

1 – The Story of Us Notebook by Hope House Press

2 – The Story of Us Photo Locket by Carole Allen Jewellery

3 – Your first Novel Notebook by Sukie

4 – Oscar Wilde Notebooks from The Literary Emporium

Unique Romantic Gifts

Romantic Gifts for Valentines Day. From a Jewellery collection inspired by the texture of leather bound books to origami roses. Romance is alive and well.

romantic literary gifts for book lovers valentines day

Clockwise: (L to R)

1 – Storybook Ring Collection by Alison Moore Jewellery

2 – Origami Paper Rose by The Origami Boutique

3 – Personalised You and Me Book Artwork by Re:Made

4 – Pride and Prejudice Quote Print by Wink Design

Perfect Reading Companions 

Chocolate bookmarks which lets face it will never last the length of the novel!  Or the Alphabet or your favourite Novel illustrated beautifully by Bekka Griffin.  A personalised Kindle Case for the modern reader or a Subscription gift which delivers vintage books and treats to you each month. A little bit of something for every type of reader from young to old. Tea lovers and chocolate addicts alike.

perfect companions for a reader chocolate book marks kindle cases

1 – Chocolate Bookmark by Cocoapod

2 –  Alice Alphabet Print by Bekka Griffin Illustrations

3 –  Tea & Book Subscription by Bookishly

4  – Kindle Cover by Milly and Pip

Shakespeare Gifts

The star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. The Sonnets, tragic protagonists and iconic lines. A Shakespeare themed gift for a book lover this Valentines Day?

shakespeare gifts for book lovers

1 – Shakespeare Pencils  2 Hamlet Tote Bag 3 – Sonnet Pens 4 – Shakespeare Quote Mug

For the Etymologists 

etymology ˌɛtɪˈmɒlədʒi/ noun . the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.

gifts for crossword fans

Personalised Dictionary pencils for the crossword nuts and scrabble fans.

The Quirkiest Book Lover Gift 

The quirkiest book lover gift goes to this amazing book bird house by Lindley Wood. Which I just love, its inspired, original and practical too.

books on a shelf birdbox by lindleywood

Find the Book Birdhouse here

And for the forgetful ones 

And possibly most importantly for all those readers with their heads so deeply buried in a book that they would forget the day of the week these Glasses Cases are just the ticket. Never lose a set again. Unless like me you cant find them and it turns out they were on your head all the time!

reading glasses for the book lovers

Which Glasses Are Which Reading Glasses here

I hope that you find inspiration and gift ideas from this list of Gifts for Book Lovers. If you like it let your friends know

literary gifts book lover gifts by six0six design valentines day

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