Dance Upon the Mountains like a Flame felt and textile artwork by vanessa scott hayward six0six design
wb yeats artwork dance upon the mountains like a flamefelt artwork needle felting and cut away textile art by vanessa scott hayward

Dance Upon the Mountains like a Flame – WB Yeats artwork



Dance Upon the Mountains like a Flame is a textile and felt mixed media artwork created in response to the WB Yeats play  ‘The Lands of Hearts Desire’


Product Description

This piece was created as part of a project I did with the art collective ‘Element 15‘ of which I am a member.

Each member created a work as part of our Connections theme in 2015.

We were each given material from another member and that would be the starting point for our artwork. It was quite an unusual way to work, and very different from where an artwork normally starts for me.

My starting materials were Wensleydale wool which had been hand dyed at a previous natural dying workshop that the group had done. The natural curls of the wool were still present, bringing to mind the wilds of Connemara and all that roam the hills there.

At the same time I had been looking at WB Yeats and his works as part of a new product range I was designing. I had just read an excerpt from one of Yeats’ plays ‘The Lands of Hearts Desire’.

“Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you upon the wind,
Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,
And dance upon the mountains like a flame.” 

I was captured by the imagery this brought to mind. Flames dancing in the mountains. The way the light hits the land. The colours that you see in the mountains of Ireland, the very things that I so miss any time I am away from this place and that which I most look forward to seeing when I return.

As with all my artwork I consider the frame, that which holds and presents the art to be an integral part of the work. Drawing from the Connections theme I took a framed artwork that I had found in a flea market and built my artwork up on top of the original piece. The original still remaining, but made invisible by the newer. The next generation.

I used a combination of wet felting techniques and needle felting on the piece for the finer details. I used a method of felting layers of wool in different colour tones and then cutting back into them to create the layered feel to the ‘mountains’.

On the mount itself is the wording from the WB Yeats quote that inspired it. Hand cut from a vintage dictionary. Again the old influencing the new.


42cm wide x 34.5 cm high x 4cm deep

Your artwork will be packaged carefully and shipped to you by registered post.

The frame comes with picture hooks on the rear which have twine attached  to hang your picture on your wall with.