dictionary confetti from vintage english dictionary pages by six0six design
miniature confetti paper hearts words and phrases by six 0 six designvintage book confetti hearts for your party decorations by six0six designwedding confetti rustic wedding with a literary book theme. Dicitonary hearts by six0six designdictionary hearts party and wedding decorations by six0six design

Dictionary confetti. Paper hearts confetti


Dictionary confetti. Paper hearts confetti made from vintage English dictionary pages. Use this Confetti for parties, as Wedding confetti and for your table decorations.

Product Description

Dictionary Confetti hearts. Each miniature heart is from the pages of a vintage English dictionary. Confetti for birthdays, parties, and weddings. Decorations for tables and make your own bunting.

The dictionary confetti can be used to make cards or add it to a Birthday gift.

As it is from vintage English dictionaries no two confetti hearts are ever the same. Making each pack of confetti totally unique.

Each pack of confetti contains 50 miniature paper hearts.

Heart Dimensions: width 2.5 cm (at widest) height 2.5 cm

Handmade in Ireland by six0six design