silk paper artwork migration Birds in Flight backlit with LED lights six0six design by vanessa scott hayward 1
Migration Birds in Flight backlit with LED lights by Vanessa Scott Hayward six0sixdesignMigration Birds in Flight an original artwork by vanessa scott hayward silk paper artshowing the rear and framing of the light box back lit with leds

Migration: Birds in Flight. An original silk paper artwork


An orginal silk paper artwork. This one of a kind artwork was created using the ancient art of silk paper making. Read on below for details on the inspiration for this piece.

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Product Description

The inspiration for this silk paper artwork piece:

When I was a child there was a courtyard at the back of our house, surrounded by old farmhouse sheds. A telephone wire hung diagonally across the courtyard and each year I remember the swallows sitting all along it in a row ready for their journey South.

They were going to South Africa, I was told. I would imagine them winging their way to that distant land, confounded by how they could do it. The magic that is nature.

This original silk paper artwork is part of a series that I created using a system of back lighting. I designed this myself specifically for these pieces. Each piece of silk paper art is framed in its own purpose built light box which is back lit with LED lights.

The timber used for this piece is Copper Beech, sourced locally in Ireland.

The tiny birds in the silk paper artwork were created by hand cutting segments from a pressed and dried rose petal


As each piece is created by me in my studio this is a one of a kind artwork that cannot be replicated.

The overall dimensions of the piece are 24cm x 24cm on the front 6cm deep and it can either stand on a surface or there are hooks to hang it on the wall. As the piece is back lit it comes with a D battery and there is a switch on the side by which to turn it on. The artwork works just as well with the lights on or off and can look particularly well in a dark room with just it lit.

The artwork is signed by me, the artist and there is free registered shipping worldwide.

I love to work to commission so please feel free to get in touch is you would like me to create a work inspired by your own idea.

– Vanessa